About Rishikesh Car Rental

All tourists coming in to Uttarakhand, whether foreign or domestic; hire a car for comfort and a hassle free transportation in Rishikesh. We make all your comforts and conveniences close at hand. Car rentals provided by us give an opportunity to explore the land of Uttarakhand and its beauty at the most economical rates. Let our website be your one stop for complete travel guide to uttarakhand. We also offer guide services for our clients Indians as well as Foreigners with expertise in German, French, Russian and other Languages.

For all your transport requirement in Uttarakhand to visit various places of tourist interest. Whether you are travelling on leisure or business please contact us to get the best and most modern transport fleet at affordable rates. Rishikesh Car Rental provides best car hire, car rental, coach hire.

Rishikesh Car Rental will be pleased to serve you for all your car requirements and has good transport fleet to provide - ambassador car, Tata Indica car, Tata Indigo car, Toyota cars, Toyota Innova, Tempo Travelers, Mini Coach, Large Coaches anywhere in Uttarakhand as per your requirements. All our vehicles comes with a chauffeur driven. We will be able to offer you the car within 1 day of your booking, its just a click away.

Our Mission: Has targeted to provide globally car rental services in India Uttarakhand with prices that compete with the other rental car providers. Most important we guarantee for the safety for our clients on road, by providing them well-maintained cars with experienced chauffeurs.

Our Corporate Policy includes : Our values are shared beliefs about how we will work together. They direct our strategies and serve as the foundation of our performance.

Well-maintained cars, reliable Service.

Well-informed and well-trained chauffeurs.

Optional small, mid size or luxury cars available.

Punctual Service.


Quality, comfort and safety: Quality service is the most important hallmark of our operation. We take all the necessary precautions to provide quality service to make you feel secure and comfortable. Through attending to the smallest details and taking care of every aspect of your trip, we make you feel very special.

Our Values: In addition to our suggested standard itineraries, we provide tailor-made tours in order to better match your own individual preferences and desires. We arrange special itineraries to suit your preferred schedule, interests, group size, budget or specific requirements.

Travel in a small group: We travel in a small group with a minimum of two to a maximum of twelve fellow travelers. Traveling in such a small group allows us to visit places without any negative impacts to the environment and in order to maintain the local culture and native customs.

Responsible travel: Rishikesh Car Rental strongly acknowledges and endorses the principles of responsible tourism to ensure that our journeys are socially, economically and ecologically friendly and provide the maximum benefit to the local people and communities.

Exceptional Value: Overall, we feel our services offer the best value for the money all around to the traveler and the agency. Rishikesh Car Rental do not attempt to offer the cheapest tours. However, we do endeavor to offer the best deal and never compromise the quality of the service, making the journey ideal for everybody

Our commitment: We provide hassle-free planning and expertly handle all your trip logistics. All you need to do is open yourself to new experiences, visual wonders and great friendships. We assure you that your travel experience will be superior and authentic.

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